Cross Country Ski Binding Parts

Cross Country Ski Binding Parts to Perfect Your Setup

The bindings are one of the most important parts of the cross country ski setup. In this category, you’ll find a range of different cross country binding accessories such as flexors and mounting plates.

Many bindings require mounting plates that allow the bindings to slide into position. The mounting plates will have to be drilled onto the skis first and then you will be able to attach the bindings to the skis. Of course, before buying the mounting plates, check the product specification to make sure that they are compatible with your bindings and skis. For example, an NIS mounting plate can usually only be installed for NNN bindings.

Another accessory that you will see is binding flexors. In general, there are two types of flexors, one that is suitable for skate style and one that is best for classic. However, Rottefella has designed the Xcelerator Flexor, where you can shift between the two styles on the same flexor. Otherwise, look out for the stiffness of the flexor so that it suits your riding preference.

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