Cross Country Ski Bindings

Choose a cross country ski binding that fits your boot

When choosing a set of bindings for your cross country skis it is important that you have in mind what kind of cross country rider you are and what kind of boots you own. This boils down to three categories and types of bindings. Classic, skate, and backcountry.

Furthermore, the different boots have different types of soles on them, which makes them only compatible with specific bindings. This is one important thing to have in mind when choosing a pair of cross country ski bindings.

Should you go with NNN or SNS?

With an NNN binding (New Nordic Norm) the boot is only attached to the binding in the front, which allows the skier to have the heel free. NNN bindings are easy to use and provide great flexibility for the skier.

Another system is the SNS setup (Salomon Nordic System), which is developed by the brand Salomon. In this setup, a flat bail holds the boot tightly in the binding, but at the same time, this system allows the skier for easy entry and exit. As in the NNN-setup, the skier has the heel free, providing a great amount of flexibility. An SNS-binding is a good solution for everyone who wants to optimise their downhill performance.

Furthermore, some of our SNS-bindings are compatible with the NNN-system. Look after the word “prolink” in the product description.

Winter is coming - with a set of new bindings

In the past, the NNN and SNS standards have been dominating the market. But now the patent for the NNN-system which was owned by Rottefella has expired. This lead to Salomon introducing the Prolink system, but we might also see some brand new players on the market very soon. As a matter of fact, the two major brands Fischer and Rossignol have already proclaimed the new Turnamic binding system.