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Classic roller ski wheels vs. skate style

In this category, you will find a wide selection of roller ski wheels and fenders. The roller ski wheels differ quite a bit from the other skate wheels you will find in our wheels category.

The first thing to consider when buying wheels for roller ski are the style. For roller skis, there are two styles.

  • Classic style where you move your legs in a parallel movement
  • Skate style where you move your legs similar to the way you would be moving on inline skates, putting the feet’s in a fishbone position

Classic style roller ski wheels are wide and made for rolling in the middle of the wheel. Skate wheels are narrower and made in a way, where there is a smoother transition from side edge to side edge.

You need different roller ski wheels in the front and back

Opposed to wheels for regular skates or blades you will only need two wheels for each roller ski. This set up perfectly imitates the feeling of a pair of regular cross country skis.

While the rear wheel spins only in one direction, the front wheel moves in both. This allows you to move forward and get the closest of experience to riding cross country.

Wheel hardness and the terrain

When buying roller ski wheels, it’s also important to consider, what kind of terrain you wish to ride in. If you wish to ride on gravel paths, the wheels for your roller skis should be soft. This will give you a more comfortable ride but also provide you with a better grip. Whereas, if you only want to ride asphalt, you will be able to ride on roller ski wheels with more hardness. A harder wheel will create less friction on the asphalt surface, which will save you quite some energy in the long run.

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