Scooter Grips

Grip Length

Scooter grips - comfort and control

In this category you will find colorful scooter grips in various designs and sizes to go with your trick scooter. Stunt scooter grips give you the opportunity to pimp your scooter so it matches your personality and could definitely be used as an eye-catcher in your local skate park.

Scooter grips are also essential to gain more control over your scooter during tricks and landings. At the same time they make sure you have a much more comfortable ride. The trick scooter grips are made of rubber or foam or even a mix of both materials to add to the comfort and safety.

Bar ends and flanges

Stunt scooter grips are made by various different brands, with Odi and Ethic DTC being two of the most popular ones. To close the sides of your scooter some brands prefer to use the so called bar-ends and plugs. Other trick scooter grips are already completely closed or use for example a flange. Flanged grips have a round disc from the inner end of the grips. These grips are easier to get a hold of and add control, but might make it harder to do bar spins.