BMX Tires & Tubes

Wheel diameter
Tire width
Tire pressure

Here you can see our selection of BMX tires and tubes for Freestyle BMX bikes.

Size and tread pattern of the BMX tire

Tires and wheels for Freestyle BMX bikes are available in sizes 16’’ to 20’’. However, 20’’ is the most common size, and preferred by most riders. The width of BMX tires is typically between 1’’ and 2.4’’. The size of the BMX tube is listed in the product description. Most of the tubes fit all tire widths.

The tread pattern of the tires varies from model to model. BMX tires with much tread pattern provide a good grip. Less tread pattern provides less resistance, and thus a faster bike. Most Freestyle BMX bikes have wide tires with much tread pattern to secure a great grip.