BMX Brakes

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BMX brakes for Freestyle BMX Bikes

In this category, you’ll find our selection of BMX bike brakes, brake cables, brake lever and bike brake pads for BMX bikes. Some BMX freestyle riders use BMX bicycle breaks; others don’t. If you’re a beginner or traveling through the traffic we recommend, that you get a pair of BMX bicycle breaks. All the complete BMX bikes you’ll find in our selection of BMX freestyle bikes come with brakes attached.

We carry BMX bike brakes parts from brands such as Odyssey, Rant, Salt and Shadow.

NB. It’s not all frames that offer the ability to mount breaks!!

What kind of BMX bike brakes should I use?

However, if you want a BMX bike brake, you can use a U-brake. The U-brake is a small BMX bicycle brake cable. U-brakes are mounted underneath the frame and are thus somewhat protected.

Another possibility is to use a BMX bicycle brake system called Gyro. This system provides a lot of flexibility, as it allows the bar to spin 360 degrees, and makes it easy to do all the stunts you want to without being limited by the BMX bike brake cables.

BMX brakes for Race bikes

All BMX racing bikes have brakes. The most common kind of brake is a V-brake, which is mounted on top of the rear part of the frame. This kind of BMX brake is more exposed than the U-brake, but it is usually not a problem as long as it’s used for racing.