Cross Country Backcountry

In this category you will find our selection of cross country backcountry skis.

Cross Country Backcountry Skis Basics

Cross country backcountry skis are built with a wider design, which makes them suitable for cross country skiing outside the tracks. This makes the backcountry skis optimal both in soft snow and on hard/icy surfaces.

The wider backcountry ski design will ensure that your body weight is distributed on a larger surface area, which reduces the chance of you falling down through the soft snow. However, it can be hard to get a decent footing with backcountry skis, since they are made with steel edges to ensure an improved grip on hard surfaces. Some backcountry skis comes with special fabric also called skin, instead of skiing wax. The skin is designed as self-adhesive fabric strips, which prevents you from slipping backwards.