Cross country ski boots

How to find the right cross country ski boots

Cross country ski boots with a good fit are essential for a good skiing experience. When buying cross country ski boots, it is important to consider what the purpose of the boots is.

We offer 4 various cross country ski boots: Classic, Skating, Combi and Back Country. If you are a beginner we recommend a combi boot.

A combi boot offers high amounts of ankle support, and have a soft sole. The combi boot can be used for both Classic and Skate, which gives you the opportunity to try out different styles before spending your budget on specialized equipment. That being said, you can easily develop a great deal of skill and expertise in a set of combi boots.

A cross country classic ski boot is perfect for beginners, and people that travel once a year for the annual winter holiday. The classic ski boot provides great support around the heel and ankles, which makes it a good and stable choice.

A cross country skate boot is the stiffest of all the cross country boots. When skate skiing one of the most important things are to maximise the power-transfer from the boots to the skis. With the stiff design, there is a minimum loss of energy, which provides maximum speed.

Besides that, it is important to find a pair of cross country ski boots that match your bindings. Various binding systems exist, such as SNS, NNN, and NIS. Salomon's SNS-binding fits with Salomon and Atomic cross country ski boots, whereas NNS- and NIS bindings fit with Rossignol, Fischer, Alpina, and Madshus. This will be stated under the specific product descriptions.

For more information about choosing the right cross country ski boots please read this guide.