Cross Country Ski Boots

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Cross country ski boots for your Adventures

It goes without saying that having the right pair of cross country boots is essential to enjoying your cross country skiing experience. The first thing to decide is what kind of skiing you will be doing, as there are different types of boots depending on the style and terrain you will be skiing on. These are usually divided between classic, skate, and backcountry.

Classic cross country ski boots are the lightest of the three styles. They are designed to maximise your freedom of movement, so are often softer and come with lower cuffs. This style of boot provides comfort and great support around the heel, which makes them a good choice for skiers of all ages and abilities.

Skate cross country boots are stiff and rigid to maximise the power transfer from the boots to the skis. This is great if you are looking to reach maximum speeds. Backcountry ski boots are designed for skiing outside of the groomed tracks. These boots are not only durable, but also made from insulating and weather-resistant fabrics to maximise your comfort.

In addition to boots, in this category, you will also find boot covers to give you that extra layer of protection and insoles for added comfort. If you want to discover more about the different types of xc ski boots then check out our guide on Buying Cross country ski boots.

What Size Cross country ski boots Do I Need?

Nordic ski boots often fit true to size, so it’s normal that you can buy the same size as you would for regular sports shoes. They need to fit so that the widest part of your foot feels snug but at the same time is not overly tight. Tighter boots mean a more performance-oriented fit, while a looser style will be more comfortable.

Remember that there is always a bit of variation depending on boot model and brand though, so be sure to check the size chart to get the right size. However, some skiers will size down for a tighter fit.

Before you go, don’t forget about your bindings! Whatever style boot you decide on you need to make sure that they will fit your Cross Country Bindings. There are various styles, so be sure to check your boot’s product specification before buying.

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