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Stunt scooter stickers will pimp your ride

And why not also pimp your laptop with a sweet scooter sticker to let it stand out?

One of the best ways to make a statement on your stunt scooter, helmet or protective gear is by stickers. There are not many things that allow you to make a personal statement as easy and effective like a well-chosen sticker.

There is also the kind of skater, that just wants to plaster their gear with stickers, so no one will ever guess the original colour of the helmet underneath.

In this category, you can find stickers from SkatePro and different stunt scooter brands. About once a year our graphics designers create a new and unique sticker sheet, and which you can find in this category. This is also the section, where you will find the very popular Figz sticker collection that features some of the most popular scooter riders in the world. These stickers are true collective items and are only available for a limited period.

Support your brand with a stunt scooter sticker

No matter what scooter brand you prefer, there’s a good chance that we have both merchandise and stickers available for sale from that brand. If this is not the case, you should try giving our customer service a call since they might be able to help you out in this urgent matter.

Every sticker and sticker sheet in this category is printed on glossy coated vinyl, and the stickers are weatherproof and can be stuck on anything - inside and outside. So what are you waiting for?