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Snowboards have gone through a huge evolution since the first downhill snowboards. Snowboard bindings, flex, shape, durability and design are keywords that all the big snowboard brands are working with. In the last few years many snowboards have developed rocker and camber designs, which results in more stable and forgiving snowboards.

Twintip snowboard

A twintip snowboard is well-suited for riding in parks and for doing tricks, but it is also a fun type of snowboard for playful trips on the piste. The tip and tail are 100 % alike and the bindings are centered, so it is equally easy to ride forward and backward and land your tricks.

All mountain snowboard

An all mountain snowboard is - like the name implies - well-suited for use all around the mountain. The shape looks like that of twintip skis, but the bindings, flex and balance point is moved a bit back on the snowboard. This type of snowboard is a very good purchase for most people because it can be used both on the piste, in the park and on the offpiste.

Backcountry snowboard

This type of snowboard is built for deep and soft powder snow on the offpiste. The shape of a backcountry snowboard looks a lot like a surfboard and the wide board makes it easier to stay on the surface of the deep snow with.

Snowboards and snowboarding gear

We offer a wide selection of snowboards and snowboarding gear from the best snowboard brands. In our product range you will find both downhill snowboards, snowboards for park riding, piste and offpiste.