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Skateboard decks in different sizes and designs

Discover our wide selection of skateboard decks. Contrary to a complete skateboard, a skateboard deck is delivered without wheels, trucks and axles. This gives you the opportunity to create your own individual skateboard with all of your favourite parts. Some of our skateboard decks are delivered with grip tape, but most commonly, you have to buy the grip tape separately.

Material and width of skateboard decks

The most commonly used type of wood for skateboards is maple because of its flexible and durable abilities. Most decks are made of a 7-ply wood construction which means that the deck has seven plies of wood compressed into a deck.

Regarding the width you should make sure that the tip of your shoes go slightly beyond the deck. This will make it easier for you to control your ride. On the other hand, the deck shouldn’t be too narrow either, since this will affect your balance and increase the risk of getting shoe bites which will ruin your shoes and throw you off your skateboard.

The story behind the kicktail

When the first skateboards entered the market the decks were all flat. To improve the decks and make it easier for the foot to find the right control for initiating tricks, Larry Stevenson invented the kicktail. If you take a look at a skateboard, you will see that both ends have an upwards curve - these are the kicktails you use for popping your board. In 1969 he obtained patent on the double kicktail that has an even higher end.

Fashionable decks – add a unique skate vibe in your home

Why should you only be able to enjoy your skateboard outdoors? With a huge variety of colours and designs to choose between you have every opportunity to use fashion decks for a creative purpose, for example as shelves on the wall. This way you can add a touch of you in your home and take the skate vibe with you indoors.

In the skateboarding world it is quite common that brands collaborate with upcoming artists in the design process to make the skateboard deck very expressive and add some edge to it. This gives you a great opportunity to find a skateboard that really lets you express your personal style.

To find out more about the specific skateboard decks, such as colour, size and accessories, take a look at each product description.