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Stunt Scooters

A stunt scooter is a very durable scooter made specifically for stunts. Trick scooter is a newer version of a scooter, which was created people started to run "freestyle" on scooters, and traditional scooters could not survive the stress of stunts.

Characteristics of stunt scooters

Stunt scooters look like regular scooters, but a stunt scooter cannot be height adjusted and cannot be folded, all this to make it as strong and durable as possible.

Many people want a scooter that is both strong and light, but these two qualities do not always match. Manufacturers are trying to be innovative in both materials and special constructions. Therefore, you can also buy special parts for scooters that cost more than a complete scooter.

Some of the parts manufacturers are particularly working on are:

  • Strong bottom (deck) and neck
  • Lighter and stronger wheels
  • Onepiece designs
  • Stronger bars
  • Stronger clamps

Expensive stunt scooters are usually built with compression systems, such as SCS, ICS and HIC. They are different constructed, but they all give a more solid steering mechanism. Furthermore, a compression system is easier to adjust and maintain.

Standard stunt scooter or custom?

The scooters on this page are all complete scooters, where the manufacturer has made ​​all the parts themselves. This ensures that the parts fits, and it is cheaper than buying the parts separate.
You can find many good standard stunt scooters that will both satisfy beginners and advanced users. The price on the scooters are very different, and it is typically because there are big differences in quality of the parts that is used.

Skilled riders often want a scooter where all parts are of the best quality and they often choose to buy a custom stunt scooter. Custom means that the scooter is customized and it covers both complete scooters composed by experts and scooters where you build the scooter yourself.

SkatePro offers complete custom scooters, which is composed by our own experts, and you can also completely put together your own scooter with our Build a scooter.

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