Electrical scooters

An electric scooter as an alternative to boring commuting

An electric scooter, apart from being a fun ride, is one of the good alternatives to the regular commuting to work, or school. Those motorized scooters are powered by a built-in battery and the motor provides propulsion to the back wheel which lets you ride at speeds between 10 – 30 km/h, depending on the model. They can drive between 1 hour and 2 hours after being fully charged. Afterwards, you just plug the e-scooter into an outlet for 3-5 hours, and it will be ready to drive on.

Is the electric scooter for kids only?

If you are in doubt about getting one of those just because you think it is not suitable for adults, don't be fooled. There are, indeed, electric scooters for kids, but the grown-ups can also have a piece of the fun. Here you can find e-scooters in different sizes and various motor capacities so it is a matter of finding the right one for your needs.