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Roller ski poles - soft or stiff?

In this category, you can find a great selection of roller ski poles with various degrees of stiffness. Usually, the more carbon the more stiffness, meaning greater force but less flexibility.

Roller ski poles come in various materials and weights. Buying a softer roller ski pole ensures better comfort and it's easier to avoid sore arms for beginners and intermediate roller skiers.

If you are competing in roller ski races and speed is essential for you, you should choose a stiffer ski pole as it will provide better power transfer. Be aware not to throw around a stiffer pole with more carbon. It is likely to break if you are not careful. This can be a challenge in the big races where skiers fight to get upfront. The same challenge is actually present in the big cross country runs. An example is Vasaloppet, where you will see a lot of broken ski poles around the 90 km track. Vasaloppet.

The more carbon a roller ski pole is built of, the more lightweight it normally will be. This is also an advantage when racing as each stroke is easier to make.

When it comes to brands, it's mainly a question of personal preference. Many roller skiers who also ski regular cross country just uses the same ski poles for both disciplines. This may cause you to replace your tips a bit more often, but it will save you the hassle of storing and cleaning two sets of ski poles.

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