Skate Pads - 3-pack protection sets


Skating Pads for your Joints

When starting inline skating or roller skating, most beginners tend to ask the same question: Should I wear pads when skating? The answer is definitely yes: a good skate protection set is always recommended to skaters of all abilities, including professionals.

Besides a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards represent the core of a protective gear set. They not only protect your body and joints when falling, but will also increase your confidence, enabling a faster development of your skating skills.

Choosing The Right Pad set for Skating

The best set of roller skating pads and inliner pads you can get highly depends on your skating style. There are two main types of skating pads - soft pads and hard shell pads.

Soft pads are specifically designed for those recreational skaters looking for freedom of movement and breathability. This kind of protection covers your joints with a layer of durable foam, which prevents scrapes and injuries when falling at moderate speed.

Hard shell pads are designed with an extra plastic cap on top of the foamed padding. This type of protective equipment is recommended to skaters that want to perform tricks and high jumps like in aggressive skating or participate in contact sports like roller hockey and roller derby.

What size of skate pads do I need?

To determine the right size of pad set you should get, check the sizing chart for each available model and measure the circumference of your joints with a measuring tape. Knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards should never be too big, or they will slip out of place when falling, nor too small as they will reduce your mobility when skating.

No protection set is complete without a helmet: remember to grab one of our Skate Helmets to be super safe while rolling.

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