Pad set - 3-pack Protection sets


A Pad set includes elbow, knee and wrist protection gear

There are not many things worse than ending a day with a scraped knee or elbow or maybe even a broken wrist. The 3-packs or pad sets as they are also called in this section includes protection gear for your knees, elbows and wrist to prohibit that.

When it comes to protective gear, there are no such things as compromises. You want the top-level protection, and here at SkatePro all of our gear has been tested before it ends up for sale on our page and in our shops.

Our 3-pack pad sets are top quality, and when you are out there trying new tricks or doing high-speed racing, there is no excuse for not wearing the proper protective gear. While some riders might claim, that the reason they don't wear protective gear is, that the pads are very uncomfortable, this is not the case anymore.

If we go 10-15 years back in time, this might have been a fact, but since then a lot has happened in both material and design. The materials now allow your skin to breathe and comes with different functions that aim to maximise air-flow and ventilation.

When working on a new trick wearing a pad set is always a good idea, and it might even just give you that extra confidence boost allowing you to pull off even bigger stunts.