Skateboard Knee Pads & Knee Protectors


Skate Knee pads Absorb Hard Impacts

Skateboarders regularly land on their knees when they’ve had a fall or slam, and this is the most common body part to injure. Wearing skateboard knee pads will greatly reduce the bruises and pain when the knees impact the ground. Whether you are learning your first trick or have been vert skateboarding for years, knee pads are highly recommended.

Many knee protectors come with velcro adjustable straps with tough plastic plates over the knee caps. Other styles like sleeve pads can be worn under clothes as they have smaller foam padding and a closer fitting. For getting the correct size, many brands indicate knee circumference in their size chart to guide you. Use a soft measuring tape and follow the chart to see which size fits best.

Skateboard pads for kids that size appropriate can be found in our Kids Skate Protection category.

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