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What Is Skateboard Hardware?

Skateboard hardware is the nuts and bolts you need to attach your trucks to your skateboard deck. It is easy to forget about your hardware but they are a crucial part of your setup. Skate hardware needs to be maintained regularly. For example, make sure to check that your nuts and bolts are fastened tightly. These naturally become loose over time, causing your board to shake from side to side and lose your balance.

What Size Skateboard Bolts Do I Need?

It’s important to get the right skateboard hardware size. The hardware needs to reach through the deck and the truck baseplate, and stick out enough so that the locknut can be attached to the bolt. If the hardware is too long, it can be difficult to tighten and can cause snags when you grind. If the hardware is too small then it can fall off quickly. The standard skateboard bolt length is between ⅞ of an inch and 1 inch for regular skate setups. However, if you are using riser pads over ⅛ of an inch then you may need longer hardware.

Is Skateboard Hardware Universal?

A range of brands make skateboard nuts and bolts and in most cases can be applied to any skateboard. Most hardware is built in the Phillips head or Allen-head style. However, this will not impact your skating and the type you use is a personal preference.

Furthermore, make sure to use skate bolts and nuts made specifically to meet the demands of skateboarding. Regular hardware is often not strong enough to handle the stress on the board when skating.

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