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Keep Your Head Safe With a Stunt scooter Helmet

Stunt scooter helmets are arguably the most important piece of protection to wear when you are on your pro scooter. Whether you are a regular stunt scooter rider or like to commute on two wheels, protection for your head is essential. Even the best scooter riders in the world know that falls are part of the sport and that an injury can lead to weeks or even months out of action. Moreover, wearing a stunt scooter helmet will also give you the confidence to perform new tricks and stunts.

What Is Special About Pro scooter Helmets?

There are several elements that distinguish scooter helmets from standard bicycle helmets. For example, scooter helmets are designed to protect the back of your head compared to standard bicycle helmets. Stunt scooter helmets are also multi-impact resistant, meaning that they can withstand numerous smaller impacts without needing to be replaced. The helmets marked with the EN 1078 certification indicate that they are also approved for skateboarding, skating and cycling.

How Should a Scooter Helmet Fit?

The ideal pro scooter helmet should be lightweight and comfortable, and of course, provide great protection. The helmet should fit snugly on your head without wobbling and without having to compromise on comfort. Modern helmets are designed to be comfortable and will come with foam padding. Many models will also have additional padding which you can take out and remove, allowing you to fit the helmet perfectly to size.

Of course, before buying, it’s important to measure your head properly to find the optimal size. If you want to read more about the right fitting of helmets, check out our quick guide on How to Wear a Helmet.

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