BMX Wheel Parts

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Ride Faster With BMX Race Wheels

In BMX racing, different wheels are used when compared with freestyling. BMX race wheels are made to be as light as possible without sacrificing strength, as both of these qualities are highly valued in BMX racing.

A complete wheelset usually includes BMX race hubs, spokes and rims. The best BMX race rims are made from lightweight alloy or carbon and are double-walled. They often come with BMX rim tape that will protect your tubes from the sharp ends of the spoke holes.

What Size Race BMX Wheels Should I Choose?

BMX race wheels come in a size range of 12 - 24 inches in diameter. Wheel sizes between 12 - 18 inches are for children, and the 20 - 24 inch wheels are for adults. 24 inch race BMX wheels are best suited for taller adults or for those wanting a less aggressive feeling riding a bike.

If you are buying a wheelset, you can get BMX Race Tubes & BMX Race Tires to complete the wheels. For installing parts and making repairs, make sure you have the correct Race BMX Bike Tools.

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