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You want your ski boots to fit perfectly

We have all heard the horror stories about first-time skiers that ended up having sore feet after only a few hours of skiing, causing them to take long non-voluntary breaks and missing out on valuable time on the slopes.

These situations often appear when people rent a pair of ski boots that have been worn by many other and therefore do not have the right boot fit. That is (of course) not a scenario you want to be played out on your skiing holiday. You want to bring a pair of ski boots that you are confident in and gives you the right boot fit from day one.

The outer part of an alpine ski boot consists of a hard plastic shell and it is therefore important that the inner boot provides good fit and comfort. When boiled down, the ski boots have three jobs to do:

They should be comfortable to wear and at the same time keep your feet warm. In addition, they must be able to transfer your movements down the skies.

High quality usually equals perfect boot fit

Quality ski boots will have a good fit from the beginning, but they will also adapt to the feets over time to provide the even better fit. We have a wide assortment of boots with brands like Salomon, Nordica, Alpina and much more. Go check it out for yourself.

Find the best level of flex

Alpine ski boots usually have a number written on the side i.e. 90 or 110. This number is showing the flex of the boot. The flex is the way the stiffness of the boot is displayed. The higher the number is the more technical skills will be required from the boot. If you are at a beginner level we recommend that you choose a low flex number, that will give you a boot that is more forgiving of mistakes.

If you have any doubts about which ski boots to choose, we recommend that you take a look at our Buying ski boots guide.