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The Awesome Benefits of Inline Skating

Skating is an awesome mix of cardio and strength training that focuses on your lower body. If you want to get fit with an outdoor activity, this sport is highly recommended to lose weight and train the glutes and legs. Also, the high focus required for balance and coordination makes blading a good exercise for your mind.

What Makes Inline skates for Men Different?

There is a general idea that inline skates for men, women and kids are only aesthetically different. This is not always true, often inliners are specifically designed to fit their users’ feet perfectly.

Men have wider feet than women, that is why men’s inliners are specifically designed to fit their specific foot shape. Gender-specific skates are usually sized the same as standard shoe sizes. However, before buying a pair of skates, remember to check the size guide and measure your feet.

Choosing the Right Men’s Inline skates

Choosing the right inline skates is a process that starts with deciding on the size of the wheels. Big wheels and a longer frame are optimal for those looking for speed and stability, while smaller wheels with a shorter frame are perfect for slalom skating and tight turns.

Choose between a hard or soft boot. Hard boots provide great ankle support, are built to last and are perfect for going around town. Soft boots are highly breathable, more comfortable and are perfect for fitness and medium-distance skating.

Most men's inline skates have composite frames or an aluminium frame. Plastic frames are available, but only recommended for lighter users. It will usually be a good idea to choose an aluminium frame when you buy men's inline skates.

No matter the gender you identify with, remember to protect your body while blading: check out our collection of Skate Helmets and Protections Sets to skate safe and sound.

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