Rollerblades for men

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Here you will find mens inline skates and inline skates for older boys. The inline skates for men in this category are fitness skates, which means that they are suitable for work-out skating. You can find mens inline skates for beginners as well as intermediate skaters.

Many men prefer inline skates instead of roller skates. Both because inline skates can be used for several different roller sports and because they have higher directional stability, which makes them suitable for high speed. Furthermore, many inline skates have a more neutral and even masculine design than ordinary roller skates.

Frames for inline skates for men

Most mens inline skates has a plastic or an aluminium frame, but because an ordinary plastic frame is only recomended for a user who weights under 80 kg, it will usually be a good idea to choose an aluminium frame when you buy mens inline skates. Because the plastic frame is softer than the aluminium frame, there is more resistance and you have to work harder to get momentum. The aluminium frame is usually harder than the plastic frame, which provides more stability and makes the inline skates faster. However, aggressive skates are often produced with a strong plastic frame, because that kind of frame is suitable for tricks.

A general characteristic of the inliners in this category is the high boot that provide comfort as well as good ankle support. They are made for outdoor use and they are apt for exercise roller skating and normal transportation from one place to another. If you are looking for mens inline skates for work-out, you will definitely find the right model here.

Inline skates with or without a brake?

Most mens inline skates in this category have brakes in the back of the skate. If you are a beginner or use your inline skates for training, it is a good idea to choose inline skates with a brake. If you want to use your inline skates for speed skating or roller hockey, you should choose a model that are designed for that specific sport, and these models often don’t have brakes, because they can easily get in the way. Furthermore, the brake is superfluous if your breaking skills are developed.

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