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Wakeboard Parts to Customise Your Set-Up

You aren’t able to adjust the length and flex of your wakeboard, but you can add or change some parts that can change the riding style. Wakeboard fins are the most obvious choice when you are looking for a different riding experience. They come in different sizes and shapes and can be fitted to the bottom of some wakeboards.

Wakeboard accessories such as nuts and bolts are great to have in the emergency bag if you are to lose a few parts during a session. From time to time, nuts can come loose on wakeboard bindings, so a few replacement parts will keep you in the water longer. You will also find different wakeboard ropes in this section that come in a range of lengths.

Should I Use Fins On A Wakeboard?

A wakeboard performs very differently when riding with and without fins. The biggest benefit to having wakeboard fins is that they give you more control over the board. The fins cut through the water and give you more grip for turning and balancing. This is why fins are recommended for wakeboarders still learning the basics. Riding without fins results in a much more playful, lively feel and a larger amount of wakeboard tricks can be performed. Obstacles found in cable parks such as kickers, boxes and rails should be attempted without fins.

Remember to look after yourself when you are out on your wakeboard with the appropriate protection. To stay safe, check out our collection of Water Sports Protection.

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