Truck Parts for Skateboards


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How Skateboard Bushings Work

Skateboard bushings are found in your truck and are what allow you to turn your board smoothly. Bushings play an important part in the stability and quality of your skateboarding. Each truck has two bushings - a street-facing top bushing and a board-facing bottom bushing. Just like your wheels, skate bushings are made out of polyurethane.

Your skateboard trucks will already come with bushings, however they will wear out over time and many skaters just want to update their setup with a fresh set. As skateboard bushings are universal, you do not need to worry about whether they will fit your existing setup.

What Skateboard Bushings Should I Get?

Skateboard truck bushings are made in two designs, cone bushings and barrel bushings. Cone bushings will be more steerable and mobile while barrel bushings will give you stability when riding at speed.

Bushings are measured on a durometer scale just like wheels, the higher the number the harder the bushing will be. You will want to adjust based on your weight as well as the type of riding that you want to do. For instance, the harder the bushings, the less responsive your trucks will be when turning. Soft bushings will be more responsive and easier to turn.

If your bushings aren’t the only parts that have seen better days, maybe it’s a better idea to upgrade your Skateboard Trucks entirely.

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