Neoprene Gloves & Wetsuit Gloves


Wetsuit Gloves Give You That Extra Warmth

On colder days, it probably won’t be enough to just have your wetsuit when out on the water. Wearing wetsuit gloves will help keep your hands warm in cold waters and are therefore an essential piece of gear for whatever watersports you like to take part in. These neoprene gloves are made from the same material as wetsuits and often come with extra-grippy material on the palm for added performance.

With wetsuit gloves, you can choose between surfing gloves or surfing mittens to suit your personal preference. But whatever style you go for, it’s important that your gloves fit tightly. If they are too big then your hand will “float” inside them leading to them quickly filling up with water. Another tip is to wear your gloves under the sleeves of your wetsuit. This will give you even more insulation.

What Thickness Wetsuit Gloves Do I Need?

One of the big choices you need to make is how thick you want your gloves. It’s most common to get gloves with a thickness of between 3 and 5mm however some models are as thick as 7mm. A thick 5mm wetsuit glove will give great protection from the cold but will not give you as much freedom of movement. Wearing a thinner model of 3mm or less will give you more flexibility but not as much insulation.

Along with gloves, you may want to consider getting some Wetsuit Boots and Hoods for more cold surfing sessions.

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