Neoprene Gloves & Wetsuit Gloves


Wetsuit gloves will let you overcome lower temperatures

When the water gets really cold, a time comes when a wetsuit just isn't enough. The first thing you put on is the booties, and when this isn't keeping out the cold, the next thing to put on is the gloves.

When it comes to neoprene gloves, surf gloves or any water sports gloves, durability, fit, and functionality is key.

How thick should my neoprene gloves be?

In a pair of surf gloves, a flexible neoprene is better as it gives a better fit on the hands. The most common thickness of surf gloves is between 2mm and 5mm. As with many other clothing products the rule: "the thicker the warmer" goes. With the thicker ones, you have less feeling in your hands. For this reason, it's always a balance between keeping your hands warm but at the same time having a good feel.

A pair of neoprene gloves should have a really tight fit. If they are too big your hand will float inside them which will be very annoying within a short period of time. If they are too big, your surf gloves will fill with water making them very heavy and reduce your agility. It’s like paddling with weights in your hands. Sure - it's a good exercise but not really fun.

Keep the surf gloves under your wetsuit

If you want to provide yourself with a little extra comfort and heat, you should wear your neoprene gloves UNDER the sleeves of your wetsuit. It's a simple trick, that might give you a little more time out on the ocean before your hands go numb.

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