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What Longboard wheels Should I Get?

Longboard wheels come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs. Getting the right wheels is important, as it impacts how fast you can go and your skating style. Longboard wheels are typically made from urethane and are bigger than skateboard wheels. Some longboard wheels can be used for skateboards if you want to transform it into a cruiser skateboard. However, just make sure to choose wheels below 65 mm and consider using riser pads to avoid wheel bites

How Big Should My Longboard wheels Be?

The most important element to consider is the size of your longboard wheels. Simply put, smaller wheels can accelerate faster but reach a lower top speed. Bigger longboard wheels will accelerate slower but can reach a higher top speed and easily withstand rough terrain. The most common size for longboard wheels is a diameter of 70mm however they range between 64mm to 80mm.

How Hard Should My Longboard wheels Be?

The “hardness” of a longboard wheel is referred to as the wheel’s durometer. Harder wheels provide better acceleration and you can reach faster top speeds. Because they have less grip, it is easier to slide with a harder wheel. Softer wheels will be slower but provide you with better grip, therefore making them more ideal for cruising and giving you a smoother ride.

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