Touring Ski Skins


Climb the Mountains with Touring Ski Skins

When skiers venture outside the ski resorts and there are no chairlifts in sight, they have to make their own way uphill on their skis. Touring ski skins are the magical equipment that lets you climb uphill without sliding backward. They are made with mohair or nylon fibers that are positioned directionally to glide and grip at the right times. They grip the snow when pushed backward and glide over the snow when sliding forwards.

Touring skins, also known as backcountry ski skins, are placed on the bottom of the skis and attached with skin clips at the tips and tails and/or adhesive that sticks to the bases.

What Size Climbing Ski Skins Do I Need?

When choosing the size of your climbing skins, you need to know the length and width of the skis they are for. The skins should be a little shorter and narrower than the skis measurements to maximize their grip on the snow. Some ski skins are made for a range of ski lengths, as the skin clips can be adjusted. If your ski length lays within the given range, then it would be a suitable skin length to get. This information can usually be found in the product's specifications.

The skin width should be around 5 mm narrower than the widest part of the skis. If the skins are too wide, they will be too close to the metal edge of the skis, and can easily get damaged. The skin width measurement can be found in the specifications, product title, or by matching the skins to the exact ski model they were designed for.

Can I Shorten Ski Skins?

It is very common for skiers to cut skins to the appropriate size. This way, you don’t need to worry about finding the perfect-sized pair of skins to match your skis. A trimming tool is included with many models that you can use to cut the skins to the size of your choice.

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