Kids Skate Pads


What Pads Do Kids Need for Skateboarding?

Skateboarding is a fun and healthy activity for your child however, like all sports, comes with the risk of injury. With the appropriate protection, any dangers associated with skateboarding can be minimised. We all know that skateboard helmets are essential protection, but all young skateboarders should also wear kids skate pads.

It is common to buy skateboarding protection for kids in a pack of three which includes knee, elbow and wrist pads. Kids knee pads and elbow pads are key in preventing cuts and grazes. The ideal kids protective gear should have a snug fit but also allow mobility.

Should Kids Wear Wrist guards When Skateboarding?

Kids wrist guards prevent cuts, bruises and even broken bones. Although skateboarders should learn not to fall on their hands and take advantage of their knee and elbow pads, this takes practise. Wrist guards are there for while your child is still learning.

Along with helmets and pads, you might also want to consider kids protective shorts. These are padded shorts worn underneath your child’s clothing and provide them with protection around the waist and thighs. With the right set of protection, this will not only keep your child safe but also make them feel more confident on their skateboarding adventure.

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