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Cross country classic skis for groomed trails

Cross country skiing is a popular sport around the world, and is considered being one of the oldest skiing sports and has been represented at the Olympic Games since the first Winter Games in 1924 in France.

Cross country classic skis are designed for groomed snow trails. Therefore, the cross country classic skis are created for racing and speed with a lightweight and narrow design. In this section, you will find the classic cross country skis.

If you want more control in the deeper snow, we recommend you to take a look at our cross country backcountry section.

What cross country classic skis to choose?

When you choose a pair of cross country classic skis, your weight and height are highly relevant. It is important for achieving the optimal glide, speed and kick on trails and slopes.

It is also important to choose a ski with the correct degree of camber suited you. If you buy a cross country ski with too much camber you will probably have difficulties pressing down the ski. This will result in no or minimum contact between the snow and the underfoot wax zone causing a backward glide.

If you buy a set of skis that are too soft, you will experience the opposite. You will get a crazy grip, but the glide will be extremely bad. The reason for this is that the underfoot wax zone will be pressed too hard and down in the snow.

As a rule of thumb, your cross country classic ski should be around 20-30 cm higher than yourself. If you choose one of the more compact models, this rule, of course, does not apply. This will be specified under the specific products.