Aggressive Skate Boots

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Types of Aggressive Skate Boots

Aggressive boots are designed to resist hard impacts and grinds when performing tricks at the skatepark or the street. In general, all aggressive skate boots are UFS compatible, meaning that they can mount most types of aggressive skate frames. There are two main types of aggressive skate boots: Hard shell boots and soft shell boots.

Hard shell aggressive boots are the most popular. This type of boot features a plastic shell wrapped around a removable liner. They provide a snug fit and can protect skaters from most shocks during stunts.

Soft shell aggressive boots offer good support, improved comfort and flexibility. They feature reinforced areas on the most exposed parts of the shell, making them suitable for grinds. However, if you are planning to perform advanced tricks and high jumps, you might want to get a pair of hard shell boots.

How Tight Should Aggressive Skate Boots Be?

Aggressive boots should provide a snug fit, but they must not be uncomfortable to the wearer. You should be able to wiggle your toes and there should not be any pressure points. When trying on a new pair of aggressive skates, be sure that there’s little to no side-to-side movement.

Considering that most of the support comes from the cuff, you can always tighten your laces and buckles as much as you can to make the skates as responsive as possible. Aggressive skate tightness also depends on their structure. Soft aggressive boots should be fastened tightly for improved stability, while hard shell aggressive boots offer more support due to their plastic construction.

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