Guide to aggressive inline skates

Here you will find an explanation of the most common terms being used when you look at aggressive inline skates.

Boot and Cuff

The boot can be either hardboot or softboot, so either it has a hard plastic shell or a softer canvas shell.
(Some brands even use a mixture of the two.)
A hard boot gives more protection while a softboot is lighter and more flexible.
On hardboots you often have an exchangeable cuff and some hardboots are covered with leather for the looks of it.

Frames and wheels

There are three ways to combine frames and wheels:

1: Flat Rocker: Frame + 4 reg. wheels on each skate.
2: Anti rocker: Frame + 2 reg. wheels + 2 grind wheels.
Grind wheels are small, specially hard wheels that are not used for running on but grinding with.
These are used instead of the two center wheels.

3: Freestyle: Freestyle frame + 2 reg. wheels. There are no wheels in the middle, but instead there are plates used for grinding. This setting opens up for grinding on wider things.
Some companies have started making frames with suspension, which are called suspension frames.


Together with the frame the plates are subject to the most wear when you grind. Plates and frames are therefor exchangeable on most skates. On some skates there is only one (bigger) plate, while others have several plates: royal plate and soul plates. The royal plate is the one at the center while soul plates are the plates in front of it and behind it.

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