Ski Apparel Accessories


Treat Your Ski Clothes With Care

Your ski clothing is what protects you from the harsh environment that is commonly found in ski resorts or the backcountry. Making sure that ski apparel performs as it should, can require giving them some treatment from time to time.

There are treatments for the different fabrics used on base layers, mid layers and outer layers that will enhance the performance after a wash cycle, tumble dry or hand wash. Merino wool and down feathers are examples that require specific merino wash and down wash treatment. Ski outerwear requires treatment that removes dirt and revives breathability and waterproofing. Please remember, it is always important to read the washing instructions on the item of clothing. Some items can go into the washing machine while others can not.

Aside from ski apparel cleaning products, there are other items in this category such as belts and booties that can be added to your ski attire that will give you a more comfortable experience. If you decide that some new and fresh ski clothing is the better choice then head over to Ski Clothing & Ski Wear.

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