Skate Wax

Skate Wax - For smooth sliding and grinding

Skate Wax helps your skateboard slide and grind easier when you do tricks. You rub the skateboard wax on the surface you are about to skate on or rub it underneath your skateboard, in order to reduce friction. Using skateboard wax reduces friction by filling in gaps and imperfections on hard surfaces, making it easier to learn tricks without falling.

Experienced skaters use skateboard wax

Skateboard wax is often used by experienced skaters who seek to improve their sliding and grinding skills when coping in ramps or grinding on rails. There are lots of metal rails out there on benches, stairs and in skate parks that can be used for grinding and sliding on your skateboard, but these metal objects often have rough surfaces.

In order to make these rough surfaces a bit less rough, skate wax is used to smoothen it up a bit. Doing sliding and grinding tricks on your skateboard becomes easier on a smooth surface with no resistance, and the risk of falling is slightly reduced.