Scooters for kids

Deck design
Total height
Max rider weight

Here you find scooters developed especially with children's needs in mind. Younger children may find it difficult to use regular scooters. Therefore, we often recommend parents to choose a kids scooter specially designed for young children.

Scooters for kids are typically lighter, and have a lower handlebar to enable easier control of the scooter.

Kids scooters with big wheels

We never recommend children to use the scooter on bumpy roads, but if they do so anyway, you may want to consider a scooter with big wheels and maybe also air wheels.

3-wheel scooters for kids

Regular scooters have 2 wheels, and many scooters for kids are built with this design as well. However, there are many innovative scooters on the market that challenge the traditional design. One of them is the 3-wheel scooter, that offers better stability, especially if the child is standing still.

Children's scooters with 3 wheels do have the disadvantage that they are a bit harder to control. Some solve this challenge by moving the two wheels into the back of the scooter instead.

SkatePro recommends parents to choose 3-wheeled children's scooters for the youngest kids because they provide a better balance in the beginning.