Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses and skate shades: A cool accessory and a necessary tool

Here, you’ll find shades in all kind of designs, shapes, and colours from sports sunglasses to skate sunglasses for looking cool.

Sports sunglasses for all kinds of sports

Sports sunglasses are essential to many practitioners of sports such as bicycling, roller skiing and cross country skiing and speed skating. Sports sunglasses give a better overall experience, because of better optics. They both function as a protection from small obstacles, from the wind and the sun, depending on which kind you choose. But sports sunglasses are not only reserved for those who practise long distance sports. If you are out skating in your local neighborhood a pair of sports sunglasses are also a great to wear on a sunny spring or summer day.

Most of the sports sunglasses in this category are designed to be lightweight and give a comfortable fit. Some of our Sports sunglasses even comes with interchangeable glass in different colours, so you can find the type of glass that fits your demands.

Skate sunglasses

Looking for a pair of shades to keep the sun out, but also looking cool when you are popping tricks or just out and about hanging out with your friends? Then a pair of skateboard sunglasses is the answer to your prayers. Skateboard shades are not only a fashionable accessory that you can wear together with your everyday clothes for a fresh look, but it also helps your eyes to relax when you are out in the sun.

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