BMX Bar Ends

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What Are BMX Bar Ends For?

Freestyle BMX bar ends are designed to protect the end of your handlebars from getting scuffed or developing sharp ends that you could hurt yourself on. Covering the ends properly will also reduce injuries if you are to fall awkwardly on the handlebars. The final nice benefit of this affordable BMX accessory is that it adds a nice finish to your freestyle bike.

How Do You Put on a BMX Bar End?

For common plastic bar ends, it is as simple as pushing it directly or twisting it onto the ends of the handlebars. The head of the bar end should touch the metal of the handlebar. Other BMX bar end plugs can be made of steel or aluminium, and they usually have a bolt running through the centre that is tightened by an Allen key, which fixes a mechanism against the inner wall of the bar tubing. Metal models are more expensive than the plastic kind, and they generally last longer due to their durability.

BMX bar ends are a small but important part of your set-up. Make sure that they are in good condition and replace them when they eventually wear out. And while you’re at it, BMX grips, are another great way to freshen up your bike. Check out BMX Grips to see our collection.

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