Kids Scooter Pads


Kids Scooter Knee pads Gives Confidence and Security

We all want to make sure our children are protected as best as possible while they are racing around on their scooters. Kid’s knee and elbow pads are the most commonly used protection (alongside a helmet) as these are the areas that get impacted the most when children fall. Wearing this protective gear primarily minimises cuts, bruises and tears, but it also allows your child to ride their scooter with confidence and security.

Comfortable and Easy to Use Kids Scooter Pads

Many parents have bought small adult size pads for their children to scoot in. While some might “do the job”, appropriately designed pads for kids are going to be much more suitable and comfortable. As well as being more accurately sized, kid’s scooter elbow pads and knee pads are made with comfortable materials and designed to be super simple to put on and take off.

A lot of the kid’s scooter safety gear comes in a set, where you get the knee and elbow protection in one pack. This is both convenient for the parent and nice for the child to have a matching set of pads with consistent sizing.

Kids scooter protection gear needs to fit securely on the child to work properly. As your child gets older, you might find that they grow out of the biggest sizes of kids protection and need adult sizes. If that is the case, then check out the full range of Scooter Pads & Skate Pads 2-pack.

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