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What Are BMX Wheels?

The wheels are what make your BMX move, so it goes without saying that they have a big impact on your riding and play an important role when performing stunts or beating your opponent on the racetrack. Freestyle BMX wheels are designed to be sturdy and durable to withstand all the hard impacts of freestyle riding. In contrast, race BMX wheels are made to be as light as possible to let you fly over the track.

The Different Parts of a BMX Wheel

When buying a new wheel, you will need to take into account the different components such as the hub, spokes, rims and axles. You can get all the single components separately and assemble them yourself if you are up for the task. Or you can go the convenient route and buy a pre-built wheel set, which is pretty much the standard way to go.

What Size BMX Wheels Should I Get?

You should get wheels that allow for the most comfortable and fun riding experience. The most common size for both freestyle and race disciples is a 20-inch diameter, but you can go bigger or smaller than this depending on the discipline. When it comes to kids' models, sizes can start from as small as 14 inches. Of course, when you buy wheels, you need to make sure they will not get in the way of your frame and will fit your tyres.

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