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Skimboarding basics

Skimboarding or skimming is an action-filled sport where the riders use a skimboard to glide from the shore across the water to meet an incoming wave and ride it back to the beach. You can also skim the shallow water at the beach without going for a wave but more similar to flatland skimming.

So skimboarding is not only about riding the perfect wave. In flatland skimboarding, the borders are out on still water with no waves. This allows the skimboarders to perform all sorts of tricks like an Ollie, Shove-It and Kick Flip, tricks that are known from the world of skateboarding. Furthermore, Skimboarders are also using flyouts for doing tricks.

What is a skimboard

A skimboard is in many ways like a small surfboard without the fins and leash. In this category, you’ll find all sorts of skimboards in many different designs and colours and made from many different materials such as wood, fibreglass or carbon fibre.

The speed is very important when skimming

Speed is one of the keywords. The quicker you run the more buoyancy you get since the board stays more on the surface of the water. Take the example of aquaplaning when driving a car - if you hit a water puddle with high speed, your car 'floats' on top of it, rather than drives through it.

So if you want more slide in skimboarding, get up to speed.

Shallow waters are easier to skim because there are tiny vortices naturally keep the board afloat. Because the board is so close to the ground, when it displaces the water, the ground pushes this water back upwards. So you will have another law of physics on your side.

In any case, this water sport is extremely fun and definitely worth a try.

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