What Are Surfskates?

Surfskates, also known as surf skateboards, are boards that allow you to “surf” on hard surfaces. Surfskates aim to bring the best and most genuine surf feeling to the streets, where both advanced and beginner surfers can practise the surf movement. Surfskating is great fun for all abilities but does require a bit more practise compared to skateboarding and longboarding.

How Do Surfskates Work?

Surf skateboards will give you a very different riding experience compared to traditional skateboards and longboards. Surfskates have a special truck on the front of the board which comes with a surf skate adapter. This increases the turning ability of the surfskate permitting a much wider range of motion and tighter, smoother turns.

Thanks to this design, with a surfskate you will be able to pump along the road without needing to put your foot down. If you have surfing experience, you will find that the feeling is similar to being out on the water, and using a surfskate can be useful practise for surfing.

Choosing the Right Surfskate for You

Choosing the right surfskate depends on your height, weight and experience. Generally, the greater your height and weight the longer your surfskate should be. If you are just starting out on your surfskate adventure, and have little experience of skateboarding or longboarding, then a longer board will provide you with more control and stability. Skaters with more experience and those practising for the waves may choose a board that demands a more delicate balance.

Want to know more about surfskating? Check out our Surfskating for Beginners Guide.

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