Buying skateboard wheels

There are two factors you need to be aware of: size and hardness (durometer).

Size of wheels

Big wheels are faster, and wheels around 55-65mm (often even bigger) are used by skaters on ramps, that need a lot of speed to get up high in the air. Street skating does not depend as much on speed and therefore usually prefers wheels in the size of 50-55mm. This means, that you get closer to the ground, which makes tricks easier.

Hardness of wheels

The hardness of the wheels is worth noting. The harder the wheels, the more speed and durability. At the same time hard wheels however do not give as much grip on the street and do not absorb shocks as well as softer wheels. The hardness of wheels is described as a number followed by an A. This means, that wheels with 100A are harder than 90A.

Most skaters, no matter if on ramps or streets, prefer wheels with a hardness of 95A to 100A, but if your goal is to have a skateboard that is more comfortable to drive on than it is fast, you should choose wheels with a lower hardness.

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