Skateboard parts and accessories

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Skateboard parts and accessories - everything for your board

On the pages in this category, you will find skateboard parts and skateboard hardware such as skateboard wheels, grip tape, trucks, and bearings that you can put together as you like, and this way customise your own board.

You will also find skateboard hardware such as tools that you can use to assemble and maintain your board to ensure it is always properly tightened and to make it easy for you to change the wheels and other parts in the skate park. You will also find other skateboard hardware like skate wax that you can use to smoothen surfaces and thereby to make grinding a whole lot easier.

Skateboard parts to optimise your board.

You can actually start from scratch in this category and build your very own setup since the section holds every part needed, to build a high-end skateboard. If you want to do that, it’s always a good idea to start out by choosing the deck.

These days, most skateboard parts are compatible, but if you have any doubts whether some parts fit together, you are more than welcome to give our customer service a call.

One of our most popular skateboard parts at the moment is the Skatertrainer 2.0. The skatertrainer is actually “just” four specially designed rubber bands, which fit perfectly on any skateboard wheel. This will drastically reduce the time you need to learn new flips and tricks since you don’t have to chase your board around and can use the time to finetune your tricks.