Skate Wheels

Inline and roller skate wheels - we keep you rolling!

No matter if you’re looking for a pair of rollerblade wheels aka inline wheels or looking for a set of roller skate wheels for your quads, you can be sure to find them here. Here at SkatePro, we know the importance of getting the right wheels, so you can perform your best.

That’s why we carry a huge selection of both inline wheels and roller skate wheels, and for every discipline within skating from fitness inline wheels over roller derby wheels to speed skate wheels, and roller hockey wheels.

The diameter is different and so is the durometer (hardness), but you can always be sure that the wheels we carry are something that we would ride, hence it’s quality.

Skate wheels equipped with PU rubber

Most inline skates or roller skate wheels are made with polyurethane also called PU. So why is that? The answer is simple, PU is a very durable type of rubber and gives you the best grip possible, no matter if you’re cruising on the road or dancing at a roller disco.

When it comes to both rollerblade wheels and roller skate wheels size is a thing to address. The rule of thumb is

  • The bigger the wheel diameter, the easier it will become to maintain speed.
  • The smaller the wheel diameter, the more manoeuvrable the inline skates will be.

If you wish to learn more about rollerblade wheels and terms like durometer, road grip, and rebound, you can read our guide Wheel terms explained.

It will appear from the specifications on the product pages whether the inline skate wheels are sold with or without bearings as well as the quantity.