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What Are Marathon Inline skates?

Marathon skates, also known as endurance skates, are a type of roller blades specifically designed for long-distance skating sessions. Compared to speed skates, marathon skates have a higher cuff providing better ankle support during long travels. This kind of inline skates feature both traditional four- and three-wheel configurations. Marathon skates mount 100mm, 110mm and 125mm wheels and long frames that grant stability at high speeds.

What Skates Are Best for Long-Distance?

There are a few factors to take into consideration when buying a new pair of long-distance roller blades: wheel size, boots and frames.

For medium to long distances, fitness-style skaters prefer 100mm or 110mm wheels that will help you maintain speed and use less energy. Even though 125mm wheels might feel heavier, they represent the optimal choice for marathon skaters who cover very long distances. A soft or hard boot shell depends on your taste. A soft boot is more comfortable and well-ventilated. A hard boot is typically more stable and provides more control. Long-distance inline skaters usually prefer long frames for enhanced stability and weight distribution.

Four Wheels Vs. Three Wheels Marathon Skates

As mentioned, endurance skates feature four or three-wheel configurations. The wheel setup depends exclusively on how you want the skate to feel. Four-wheel skates are more stable with better weight distribution. However, they are not as fast as a three-wheel setup and you cannot gear them up with 125mm wheels. Three-wheel setups are usually lighter but less stable than four-wheel setups.

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