Mini BMX bike

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The mini BMX is similar to an ordinary BMX bike, except for the fact that everything is in a smaller scale on a mini BMX and it looks more robust. The normal BMX bike is suited for many different purposes, but a mini BMX is mainly suited for tricks.

From BMX bike to Mini BMX bike

BMX racing is inspired by motocross, a form of motorcycle race, where you drive on race tracks. However, in BMX racing, you use BMX bikes instead of motorcycles. BMX became popular in the beginning of the 1970s in California where children started to mimic motocross by riding off-road tracks on their bikes. Around the same time, the BMX freestyle scene, where the BMX bikes were used for tricks, was developed. And from this scene many other forms of BMX, such as Flatland, Street and park are derived.

The latest development in the BMX industry is the Mini BMX bike. This miniature BMX is just as robust and durable as the regular BMX and therefore very apt for trips to the skatepark and tricks.

How to use Mini BMX bikes

The durability of the bike is due to the bars and frames in chrome steel and the wide air tires, which also make the Mini BMX bikes apt for tricks and for different surfaces. The massive frame and the big tires are strong enough to keep same load as a regular BMX.

Adults can easily use the mini BMX even though it is small. Small children can use the mini BMX for short rides and easy tricks, while older children and adults can use it for tricks on ramps in skateparks and freestyle in the streets. And with a mini BMX, children can get an idea about how a normal BMX bike functions.

The mini BMX can be used for tricks similar to the ones you perform on skateboards, scooters and aggressive inline skates. If you are a street rider, you use the obstacles you find in urban settings, such as stairs, handrails and banks. Otherwise, the skatepark is a great place to train your mini BMX skills.