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What Are BMX Grips?

BMX grips are placed on your bike handlebars to give you control when riding. Usually made from rubber, the ideal grip will be comfortable, durable and shock absorbent. Choosing your grip is all about personal preference, and there are endless combinations of BMX bike grips varying by diameter, pattern, flange and design.

BMX grips can either be flanged or flangeless. The flange refers to a disc-like shape on the inside edge of your grip. It’s up to you if you want a flanged grip, but one of the benefits is that it should give you more control and provide your handlebar with a bit more protection. However, having a flange may make it harder to perform tricks such as bar spins.

What Size Are BMX Grips?

BMX grips come in a range of sizes and styles and generally vary between 10-25 cm in length. Getting the right one depends on the length of your handlebars and how much of the bar you want your grip to take up. Many BMX handlebar grips are designed to be universal, meaning that nearly all models should fit snugly on your bar. However, it’s always worth double-checking that the grip is compatible with the material of your bar.

Another thing to consider is the hardness of the grips. Grips can range from being “soft” to “hard”. Soft rubber grips will feel very grippy but probably not last as long, while harder grips will be tougher and are likely to last longer.

How to Install and Remove BMX Grips

While a tightly fitting grip provides you with the best control, this can make their removal and installation challenging. There are several ways to do this. A quick way that will not damage your old grips involves zip ties and window cleaner (or another similar fast evaporating liquid).

First, insert a few zip ties into the grip, this will make it easier to remove the grip. Then spray the window cleaner on the grip and handlebar. Now, your old grip should slide off relatively easily. Finally, spray the empty and cleaned area of the handlebar again and slide on your new grip until it fits snugly.

To help protect your grips and the ends of your handlebar, check out our selection of BMX Bar Ends.

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