Skate Rollerski Boots

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Rollerski Skate Boots or Cross Country Skate Boots?

Rollerski boots for skating share many similarities with cross country skate boots, such as a high and rigid cuff for better ankle support and stiff sole for optimal power transfer. So if you already own a pair of skate ski boots for cross country, you can continue to use them also in rollerskiing.

However, in warmer conditions, cross country ski boots can be very uncomfortable because of their thick insulation. Rollerski boots are better suited for warmer weather since they are made from well-ventilated materials. In addition, some rollerski boots for skating are open in the ankle area to further improve the aeration of the feet during intense roller skiing sessions on summer days.

Choosing the Right Skate Ski boots for Rollerskiing

When buying rollerski boots for skating, you should make sure that the boots fit perfectly to your feet. This is important to avoid blisters and to prevent sliding of your feet inside the boots. In general, you should choose rollerski skate boots that are close to your athletic shoe size, but we always recommend checking the size charts to find the optimal fit.

Another important factor to consider is the compatible binding system. Be sure to choose rollerski boots that match the binding system of your rollerskis.

If you are looking for more information about Nordic ski boots and their differences, visit our guide for Buying Cross country ski boots.

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