Roller Ski Boots

Do You Need Special Roller Ski boots?

Roller ski boots are designed with a special outer sole and toe piece that allows them to attach to the roller ski bindings. They are made the same way as cross country ski boots, and some roller skiers use these boots while roller skiing. While the compatibility is the same, there are also some differences.

Due to the fact that roller skiing is done on dry land where there is no snow, rollerski boots are lightly insulated with mesh fabrics often used. This means that during warmer weather, your feet won’t get as hot or sweaty, therefore making it more comfortable for you. The boot’s cuffs can also be lower as they do not need to prevent any snow from getting in. This also increases the breathability around your ankles.

Different Types of Roller Ski boots

The two types of roller ski boots are classic and skate. These are designed to fit with the classic and skating styles of roller skiing. The main difference between the two types of boots is that skate roller ski boots have additional ankle support that helps with the skating movements.

Before buying roller ski boots, make sure you know what style you wish to do. If you would like to keep your options open or just can’t make up your mind, there are combi roller ski boots that let you perform both styles.

The style of roller ski boots that you choose should be matched to the bindings you already have or are going to buy. Check out our collection of Roller Ski Bindings for these products and more information.

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