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Ice hockey Sticks

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In this category you will find our selection of hockey sticks. Whether you are a beginner or playing ice hockey at a high level, you can find a hockey stick that is suitable for your needs.

Worth knowing about hockey sticks

The hockey stick consists of a curved blade with a shaft. The blade is either slightly curved or it has a deeper curve. The curve of the blade is important, as a deep curved blade is great for lifting the puck, whereas less curved blades are better for backhands. The blades are made for both left handed and right handed players. Left handed players will typically prefer af "right blade" and right handed players will prefer a "left blade".

Ice hockey sticks are essential equipment if you want to play ice hockey. However, the quality and price of the sticks can vary. If you are not playing regularly, you do not necessarily need the best and most expensive hockey stick, instead you can choose cheaper hockey sticks that are made of wood and ABS. However, if you play hockey as a serious sport, you should consider investing in a hockey stick of carbon fiber, as these sticks are both lighter and more stiff than the models of wood and ABS.