Rollerblades for women

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Girl’s / Women’s Inline skates

On this page you will find girl’s / women’s inline skates in various designs and for different purposes. We have inline skates for city skating, fitness and recreational use, and with a great variety of models and colours you will most likely be able to find a pair of inline skates that match your taste and needs.

City skating - smaller wheels

Smaller wheels are especially suitable for beginners/lower intermediates or shorter distances like city skating and regular rollerblading.

  • We recommend a wheel size of 80-84mm for city skating or beginners/lower intermediates.

If you are beginner, it is a good idea to start out with smaller wheels. This way the rollerblades get a lower centre of gravity which provides the rollerblades with more manoeuvrability and makes it easier for you to keep balance. If you want to use your inline skates downtown as a transportation device, you should aim for smaller wheels. It will become much easier to quickly turn and stop which will come in handy in the busy streets where you will be presented to many changing directions and obstacles.

Fitness and exercise - bigger wheels

Bigger wheels are suitable for longer distances and fitness purposes. It will be easier for you to maintain speed and you will use less energy on reaching it. This makes riding longer distances much more comfortable.

  • We recommend a wheel size of 90-100mm and possibly even 110mm for fitness.

Having doubts about whether the wheels will be too big? If you haven’t been rollerblading for many years but are considering using your rollerblades for exercise, it can be a good idea to choose 90mm wheels. They do demand a bit more of your balancing skills since the centre of gravity is higher, but with a little practise it shouldn’t take long before you get the hang of it and really get hooked on the bigger wheels that provide you with good speed on long distances and at the same time give you the space you need to hone your skills.

Is there a difference between men’s and women’s inline skates?

As long as the inline skates fit your feet well and are comfortable to wear, you can choose men’s inline skates without any worries. In general, there are no big differences between men’s and women’s inline skates other than the visual design. However, there are some manufacturers who offer inline skates in a version for both women and men and in this way adapt the skates to the anatomy of both sexes. In these cases, men’s and women’s inline skates differ from each other on some levels - width/shape and the height of the cuff:

  • Women’s inline skates have a narrower width and shape compared to men’s skates since women tend to have narrower feet than men. With a narrower design adapted to women’s feet, you get a boot that will follow the contours of your feet providing a snug fit as recommended. If you have a wide foot, however, it can be a good idea to choose a pair of men’s inline skates.
  • The cuff on girl’s inline skates is lower than on the men’s skates which has something to do with women’s calves being placed lower on the leg compared to men. Therefore, as a woman if you choose a pair of men’s inline skates, it is a good idea to pay attention to the cuff and make sure it is comfortable. It should not put a lot of pressure on the calves, because this will make it difficult to close the buckle properly. If is has a nice fit, you can choose any men’s inline skate you like without any worries.

Remember that men’s boots are made bigger than women’s boots which means you should choose one size smaller if you are going for a model for men. As an example, you are most likely to choose a size 40 in the men’s rollerblades if you are a 41 in girl’s rollerblades.

Frames for girl’s rollerblades

You do not really have to put much effort in the inline skate frame - unless you are very experienced and wish to cut off some time on your lap or if you weigh more than 80kg.

Most of our girl’s inline skates as well as men’s inline skates are designed with an aluminium frame. Some frames are made of composite material which is a mixture of different materials. In general, aluminium frames are more durable than composite. They are also more stiff, providing good transfer of power and directional stabililty at high speeds. If you weigh above 80kg, it will be more beneficial to go with a frame of aluminium, if not, you will loose a lot of energy with the softer composite frame when setting off.

Should you still have any questions or doubts about which skates to choose, you can find the answers in our guide to buying inline skates.