Longboard & Skateboard Protection

Skateboard protective gear - stay safe

Skateboard protection is important and you know it. Regardless of what people say, we all know that there is a reason for skateboard safety gear to exist. That is, namely, to keep your body parts intact. After all, the aim is to keep rolling for as long as you can without incidents. So better stay safe than sorry!

Skateboard protection, or longboard, you name it

In this category, you will find anything you need to avoid the most common skateboard and longboard injuries. Yes, we have specific longboard protective gear as well, like gloves for downhill slides. You can get anything when it comes to protective gear - from knee or elbow pads, wrist guards, or 3-packs with all those, to crash pants and helmets.

A piece of safety gear keeps the doctor away

It is always better to get equipped instead of paying a visit to the doctor, especially when you almost nailed that kickflip.

Skateboard and longboard protection has specific certification and character, as compared to a bicycle helmet, for example. You can be sure, that any piece of protective gear in this section is suitable for both of these board sports.