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Aggressive Skate Parts & Accessories


Get the best parts for your aggressive skates

The life of a pair of aggressive skates is rather harsh. Crashes, jumps and grinds will quickly start to set marks on all the parts. Luckily most of the parts on a pair of aggressive skates are replaceable so you don’t have to buy new skates every year. You will also find the very popular anti-bacterial spray, that is very efficient to reduce unwanted smells from the liner. This will also help to expand the lifetime of your aggressive skates.

A crooked grind that knocks you off balance resulting in a crash might cost one of your buckles their life. Luckily these buckles are not that expensive, and we have a lot of different buckles that fit you aggressive skates perfectly.

In this category, you will find spare parts and accessories for your aggressive skates. We have everything from hardware such as spacers, cuff bolts and axles to accessories like patches and laces.

Most aggressive skate parts in this category are universal and fit on all aggressive skates, but if you have any concerns whether the parts on this site fit your skate, don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our customer service is ready to take your call, and they will do their absolute best to help you through the process.

A lot of new products

We recently partnered up with the rollerblading magazine and that is the reason why you will find quite the collection of different merchandise stuff from Be-mags webshop in this category.